26 Oct

I’m laughing in the broken scenery
remembering every pieces of reminiscence about you
together in the withering trees of shaken season
with entwined fingers, I hope for eternity

in the entwined thread of our emotion, there’s no lie
all of your pain is my pain
with such a broken voice you said “why am i this weak”
embracing the shaken you, I prayed in the night

the emotion, the wound, and this love that deepen the distance between us,
even if it will be better if our time stopped
it won’t stop for eternity, will it?

just like this, forever being like this
Don’t let our entwined fingers part away
only you, only you the one that I love
“for our everlasting time…” i prayed to you
just like this, forever being like this


“because you gave me such a strong love,
could it be that I’ve become stronger a little bit” you said…

even if our distance get separated, I won’t let our heart to part away
along with the heat that piled up, i wish we could meet and cuddle at each other

just like this, forever being like this,
I won’t let your scent to go away.
only you, only you the one that I love
“we will always be together” even if that’s replaced by a lie
just like this, forever like this


the crying voice under this black painted mask right now,
I know i won’t ever get you back again, but…
your birthday is coming, isn’t it?
I’ll give you this flower that bloom upon my shoulder..

Even if you change, I need to never change
Even if it’s a lie, please tell me ‘I love you’
I was not able to draw the picture.
I want to draw the picture of hope.
I want to draw the white world.
Even if you are in the black world.
I believe that you are white.
I remembered you and me to snuggle up to.
I drew two flowers.
This picture is not sad.
However,why am I sad?
Time passes heartlessly.
Only numbers increase now.
Please…please think of me only even today.
What do you think?
Whom do you think of?
What do you suffer now?
I’m very painful in suffering of you.
I wanna meet you.
I wanna touch you.
Because I still love you.

i’m waiting this for 3 years..



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